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20 of this goes to RSCDS Headquarters. The remaining 7 is for administration within the branch. (Two people at the same address receive reduced subscriptions.)

This fee is due on the first night of term.  Newcomers have half a terms grace.  Their Annual Subscription is payable in their second half term.


4 per week, payable in advance or weekly.
No charge is made for the Christmas party or for dancing after the AGM.  These evenings are free.

4 per visit

TERM DATES 2018- 2019

Autumn Term 2018 12th Sept - 5th Dec    No class 31st Oct
The last night of term (5th December) is our Christmas Party Night
Spring Term 2019 9th Jan - 10th April    No class 13th Feb
Summer Term 2019

1st May - 22nd May

AGM 15th May  Dancing after meeting



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